Located in Antwerp, Goossens Chocolatier was founded in 1955 by Rene Goossens. After completing his studies, he specialized in several chocolate-making activities in Switzerland and France. Rene Goossens has acquired outstanding reputation in the world of chocolate. He is a honorary member of the Confrerie des Chocolatiers de France, and serving as the National President of the Federation of Belgian Confectioners from 1977 till 1989.

In 1991, his son, Erik Goossens took the helm at Goossens Chocolatier. He learnt the fine art in ‘Ter Groene Poorte’, a hotel school focusing on confectionary and completed his education with Bernard Callebaut. Together with his wife, Els, they are responsible for the continuation of the Goossens chocolate dynasty.

Drawing on several decades of experience, Master-Confectioner Goossens has become a household name in the Belgian chocolate industry.

GOOSSENS RECIPE: Only the purest and finest natural ingredients crafted with passion, heritage and the most authentic origin